Thursday, May 04, 2006

May - Marg's update

Galley proofs arrived yesterday for The Twisting Vine.
This is when I check through all the changes that have been marked by the copy editor, proofreader and typesetter before the proofs are sent for printing and binding.
This is not the time for me to be making any further changes to the manuscript, but it is an opportunity to re-read the whole work.
If there are any mistakes which have not already been found, then I can make the necessary amendments.
Changes to the proofs should be kept to a minimum as they can be very expensive at this stage.
Note: Despite the most careful checking, I did find a couple of minor errors in SEA DUST when it came out in print. (I think it happens in most books).
Buck and does searated last day in April - that means no kids to be born from beginning of October.
Looking forward to holiday in six weeks.
For now a trip to Perth to see The Fastest Indian - with Antony Hopkins - my favourite actor - next in line - Antonio Banderas.

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