Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Books - 'Sea Dust' - SOLD OUT ALREADY

Great news this week - just heard that my novel, 'Sea Dust' has sold out of its first print run.
Hale Books, the publisher has only 2 hardback copies left in stock.
With my second novel - 'The Twisting Vine' - due in August, I am hoping it will be as well received.

This is the artist's cover rough for 'The Twisting Vine'.
I feel that the girl has a hard face and have asked that it can be softened.
It is not a baby she is holding, but a French Bru Doll.
The doll has an unobtrusive presence throughout the story and I had written this novel under the title, 'Through Glass Eyes', however the publisher did not like it, hence the change.
Cover rough for The Twisting Vine by unnamed artist - courtesy of Robert Hale Books, London


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