Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Writing for Children

The day the scarecrows came to town
I got the idea for this children's story after visiting a Small Farms' Field Day held in a country town in Western Australia.
One of the main events was a scarecrow competition.
I was amazed, I had never seen so many scarecrows!
They were big, small, fat, thin, and dressed in all manner of costumes - guaranteed to send the imagination haywire!
My story, about Sam a rather delapidated straw man, had quite a cast of scarecrows in it.
And I even wrote a sequel.
Unfortunately, my limited attempts to get the story published were unsuccessful.
Perhaps now, with a little more knowledge of the publishing business, I should try again.

Photo: Me and a scarecrow at Balingup several years ago. The scarecrow is the one with the long nose!


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